Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Antique French Mannequin of Boy / Child - Vintage Parisian Shop Dummy

RARE and lovely early 20th century French plaster mannequin of a boy. No doubt modeled on a real child – this beautiful partial mannequin depicts a young boy with his head mischievously tilted back.He has small pouting lips, raven black hair, sincere blue eyes and fine pixie features. The facial expression is arresting drawing the onlooker in with a gaze that “follows” them around the room – perhaps this affect was partly achieved by the hollowed out, or recessed pupils. Clearly an example worthy of preservation, it has undergone sympathetic paint restoration over the years to the face and head –most of which is old, mellow and well blended. There has been no attempt to conceal the restoration just simply to preserve the beautiful features this mannequin possesses. It is signed at the back “Saubou (or Soubau ?), Paris” with a partial serial number “ 3098-356-“. Maximum height is 12 ½”.

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