Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Antique English Shop Display Stands - Meredith and Drew's CHOCOLATE Wafers and Wright and Son's CAKES

These are two examples of antique British shop display stands for cakes – a Meredith and Drew’s Chocolate Wafers and a Wright and Son’s Noted Cakes display stand -each with an ironstone base and glass dome cover, c.1900 -20. Originally used to lure customers to the shop counter to purchase baked goods, these days they’re a rare find, particularly the Wright and Son’s stand. The base advertises the brand -“Wright and Son’s Noted Cakes” or “Meredith and Drew’s Chocolate Wafers” around the rim in black lettering and sometimes, as in the case of the Meredith and Drew’s stand, the advertising also appears on the glass dome cover in acid-etched lettering. The design was also a practical one – bases often had thumb grips on the back for easier handling and three perforations on the top to draw moisture away and keep the cakes fresh. Today these nostalgic pieces continue to appeal to our sweet senses in much the same way as they did nearly one 100 years ago –they continue to be enticing objects worthy of display on a kitchen sideboard or counter and filled with small iced cupcakes, handmade chocolates or petite fours.

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  1. Thanks for this invaluable information, Ive recenty been clearing my grandparents home in manchester in england where my grandfather was a butcher for many years in the home we found what looks like a butchers ironstone slab in his effects...Unusual one as well its advertising kangeroo i wonder if you have come accross this one before i could supply picture's if you would like to have a copy.
    Thanks dan